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Surveillance Camera Systems.

In todays world it has become more and more necessary to protect ourselves. Having eyes where we are not can be a very effective way of doing just that.  

Standard and
Hi-definition Resolution.

There are a variety of different resolutions avaliable and cameras designed to fit  basic needs to  more specific applications. 

Record images digitally.

Digital Video Recorders or DVR's record images from the cameras and store them on hard drives in digital quality. That means very little loss of picture quality and never having to change a tape.

Keep an eye on everything.

Don't we all wish that we could be near our loved ones or be able to enjoy our home or toys all the time. But unfortunately we are called away from that bliss for countless reasons. With Multitech on your side we help you keep a close eye on all the things that make your world go round. 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year using our wide range of cameras and recording options.

View from Anywhere.

When a surveillance system is connected to the internet via a high speed connection. It becomes possible for the system owner to view their cameras from just about antwhere. With a smartphone or tablet App or a PC, logging in to a private web address and with a username and password users can view live video or playback recorded images.

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