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Residential Services.


Multitechnical Services is a family owned and opperated security company based in Globe Arizona. 

Multitech has been in business since 1967 and dedicated to the security needs of not only our community but the needs of homes and businesses across Arizona.  With a combined technical experience of over 45 years, we strive to provide the best intrusion detection services avaliable at affordable prices.  Technology is an ever evolving industry and we are always expanding services and equipment to meet the needs of our customers as well as trying to make our systems as secure yet simple and convenient as possible. 

Simple Home Security.

Arm your home with easy to use code only arming and disarming. Single button arming available to simplify use and make it even more convenient.  All foms of intrusion detection avaliable from a simple Door or Window opening to Motion or Glassbreak  Detection and more.

Multiple Codes.

No need for everyone to remember the same code or to give your secret code out. Give each user their own code and authority level.  Know who armed and disarmed your system and when. With optional email or text alerts you can be notified the minute your system has been shut off. Conviently letting you know your child is home from school.

Z-Wave Thermostats.

Lower Energy Costs! Control the temperature inside your house and automatically change the set point temperature when you are not home.

e-mails or TXT alerts.

Get e-mail alerts or text messages from your security system every time it is armed and disarmed and by who. Also be informed of Alarms,  Power Failures, Low Batteries and other system troubles.

Codeless Arming.

Secure your system with the convience of keychain fobs for arming or disarming. No rushing in or out the door with control from your driveway or front step.

got toys?

Don't forget about all those fun things locked in the shed, shop and garage. Secure them with wireless transmitters even when you are home and asleep.

24 Hour Fire Detection.

Keep your loved ones safe and protect your belongings with 24 hour Monitored Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Electric Locks.

Never forget to lock your doors again. Electronic dead-bolts work with your alarm, lock when you arm your system and controlled with your smartphone.

Remote System Status.

Check on your system, arm or disarm, lock or unlock, turn lights on or off, even set thermostats. All from your phone or PC where ever you are.

Multitech is pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Surveillance Systems.

Self contained surveillance systems installed to fit your needs. Connect your DVR to high speed internet and view your home from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Home Theater & Sound.

Get the Theater experience in your own home or have the ability to listen to music throughout your home and even outside.

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